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If You Do Not Have A Signature Program That Generates At Least $20,000 In Revenue Per Month, Read This Letter Now.

From The Desk Of Amanda Kaufman
Fort Worth, USA
Hey friend,

I’m Amanda Kaufman, founder of The Coach’s Plaza and The CRUSH Method.

I help high ticket private and group coaches just like you who need to consistently attract ideal coaching clients online, but find themselves spinning on starting up that client-getting machine…

If you’ve been delaying on your launch date OR you are still experiencing a trickle of paying clients and know that you have the skills to be a great coach…

Then this could be one of the most important letters that you read all year.

It Takes A Different Level Of Commitment To Decide To Build Your Own Thing As A Coach

And so I want to congratulate you...

On officially stepping into your role as a CEO and joining The Coach’s Plaza community.

We made our community to be different.

Instead of just talking about coaching ideas.

We talk about real business ideas, so that we can help other people with our coaching… we view our coaching as an entrepreneurial asset. 

Something that can help other people to thrive.

So you, deciding to be a CEO, rather than simply “just another coach” is a huge decision.

We applaud you for it, and can’t wait to continue your training in the group.

You’ve made a great decision in joining this community already.
If It Was Easy To Build A Coaching Business, Our Community Wouldn’t Exist
We both know there is still A LOT more to learn when it comes to building a real business, especially online...

Things like...
  • ​How to price and package your programs
  • ​How to film and edit your video content quickly
  • ​How to host your content online so the right people can see it
  • ​How to balance your virtual content with your live coaching so that people get the transformations that they’re after
  • ​How to make sure you have a steady stream of clients coming into your program...
Wow! Overwhelming, right?!

I get it because I know how you feel....

When I first launched my business, I thought in the beginning that all I wanted to do was leave my corporate job.

So when I met a coach that told me I could do it with private coaching alone, I did that, and guess what?

I ended up leaving that job, but I also ended up really stressed out…

You see, to make it work with private coaching, I had to rub shoulders, in person, with a lot of people… and as an introvert, and a mom living in Fort Worth, Texas, it was a great way to start my business, but it wasn’t sustainable. :(

I was getting burned out.

I felt like I was always on planes, going to conferences and seminars, hoping to meet people, and if I didn’t meet someone at an event I felt like a failure.

Worse, I knew I wasn’t as available at home as I wanted to be.

Fortunately, I am a big learner, and a big believer in growth, so I continued to get coaching from lots of other sources, and cobbled together a new solution.

At the time, everyone was pushing courses really hard.

And I didn’t love that option, because I knew people didn’t do courses! They just didn’t open them well.

But then I found out about a hybrid option… something that would allow me to use my expertise as a coach to bring real accountability and skill, and enhance the experience for my clients…

And help inspire them to keep returning to the content. :)

What I discovered was that all it took was…
An Evergreen Group Coaching Program
Once I had this new model for coaching, I could package up the parts of my private calls where I was a broken record repeating myself over and over…

And save the really juicy mindset coaching for a group environment, where it turns out, the group benefits far more than individuals do!

Wanna know something crazy?

When I launched my first true evergreen group program, I made more (even though I was charging a fraction of my private coaching fees) in a few days than I had made in the previous 6 months of private coaching!

And the best part?

I delivered it all in the same hour per week.

And most importantly, I decoded the basic delivery model that has been the foundation of our next million dollars in sales with a tiny team, minimal ads budget, and really, not much of a social presence at the time.

I had a tiny following at the time, and that big move to Evergreen Group Programs meant that following started to plant roots, and grow into a real community.

And guess what?

After I did that, I could do it again.

And I could teach others how to do it too.

This Evergreen Group Coaching Approach Is Exactly What We Teach Our Best Results Clients Who Want To Have Broader Impact, But Recognize Their Limited Hours In The Day

Since my discovery of the power of hybrid programs, I haven’t looked back.

And our top clients haven’t either...

Here are just a few testimonials I've received recently from my clients:

Setting Up An Evergreen Group Coaching Program With The Right Support In Just 60 Days Makes All The Difference
I still sell seats into that original Evergreen Group Coaching program, 2 years later. I just sold one last week!

The power of this model is that you don’t have to have massive launches, you don’t have to kill yourself looking for a unicorn client with a Black AMEX card…

If you’re in a niche that doesn’t support very high ticket pricing OR if you just have a heart to serve an audience that isn’t ready to invest at very high ticket levels, this model allows you to profitably provide your coaching services.

And most importantly, it allows you to play a bigger game and have more meaningful impact...

In other words, by doing this, I started reaching people in a deeper way...
  • It forced me to standardize what I teach… and how I get results for my clients…
  • It ensured I wasn’t building programs people didn’t want… instead I build exactly what my community wants, and they are happy to invest in...
  • ​And I learned that I could do this...
I want to do the same for you

Yep - pretty exciting right?! Let me explain.

Introducing The Evergreen Group Coaching Project

If you’ve been searching for a way to take your skills as a coach and turn them into a profitable program, then this project is the answer!
The Evergreen Group Coaching Project is a 6-Week, step-by-step implementation project where I’ll be guiding you in exactly how we’ve taken our expertise and coaching skills and packaged them into exciting group programs that our clients rave about.

We’ll be covering everything you need to know to build your very own irresistible Evergreen Group Coaching Program, including:
  • How To Select A Clear Outcome For Your Program That Your Market Will Love
  • How To Map Your Curriculum Into The Clear Milestone Steps So That Your Clients Achieve Their Goals Quickly & Predictably
  • How To Set Up And Use A Client Portal & What To Include In Your Client Support System
  • ​How To Launch Your Program First, Then Build It (This Is The Secret Of All Prolific And Profitable Coaches!)
  • ​How To Deliver Your Group Coaching And Continue Building The Rest Of Your Program In Sanity :)
  • ​And How To Set Up Your Marketing Machine To Scale The Program
Plus, as you’re implementing this project, I’ll be right there with you, along with my team, to support you as you build.
Here’s How It Works
To get started with The Evergreen Group Coaching Project, you just click the button at the bottom of this page.

There you can sign up for the Project, and we’ll get started together on Monday.

From there, you’ll get an exclusive invite to join us for your orientation call, and you’ll have your first week of the project released to you for implementation…

Then there are the 8 weekly LIVE coaching and Q&A sessions that I’m doing on Wednesdays at 2 PM Central. We will record them, AND you can even ask your questions ahead of time and get them answered even if you can’t be live.

Each week, you set to work building your Evergreen Group Coaching Project out, step-by-step, with our guidance, our training, and our templates to accelerate your results by your side.

We’re even going to help you schedule and facilitate your initial launch, so that you can get your first round of market feedback on your program idea!

After that, we’re going to sit down with you for a private launch review, to feedback what worked, what should be tweaked next, and get you rockin’ and rollin’ for your next round with your program.

Then you’re in BUSINESS!

6 Weeks Of Project (And 8 Weeks Of Coaching Included!)

We’ve carefully crafted this project to be mindful of your limited bandwidth and time, to make sure that you’re focused on the essential tasks to get you into profits faster while at the same time not skipping over the high quality that your clients will be looking for.

For each week we’ll be walking through my exact step-by-step framework that I’ve followed to repeatedly create group coaching programs that have open-enrollment (which just means I don’t do exhausting launches).

PLUS We’re including 8 weeks of live group coaching calls, a private clients-only Facebook Group, and two calls for you during your time in the project to make sure you are getting your genius as a coach packaged well in a group program!

Here’s What’s Included…

Here’s a quick rundown of everything that is included in The Evergreen Group Coaching Project when you enroll today:
  • 6-Module Video-Based Step-By-Step Training Program where you’ll learn how market-differentiating group coaching programs structure themselves, what elements to include (and what to exclude!), and how to deliver these high-value programs as a Premium Coach. We’ll cover everything from crafting your ideal program curriculum to filling your programs, and how to use group programs to increase your income without increasing your delivery burden.
  • Our proven templates, scripts, and checklists for building world-class group coaching programs including our group program planning guides offer creation templates, course and video production planning templates, and cheatsheets, all provided in convenient PDF or Google Doc formats to allow easy implementation in your own business.
  • LIVE Coaching and Q&A with Amanda every week to address your questions and challenges as you implement your group coaching program. You have the ability to submit questions (and have them answered) whether you attend live or not, and we always have recordings up in your Member’s Area within 48 hours so that you can reference them quickly. We even transcribe these calls and make them searchable, and available in your course app for you!
  • A Kick-Off & Orientation Session to make sure you are getting the most out of your program experience and have full access to the program resources and are starting the program with clear goals, a clear action plan, and clear next steps!
  • ​A Private Launch-Review Session (scheduled mid-way through the program) to review the lessons learned during your group program launch so that you can take your winnings and expand, and take your learnings and grow right away to get more results!
  • ​Our group coaching and Q&A call facilitation guide and presentation slides with tips to provide an exceptional group coaching experience so you’re not “just another Zoom call” and providing a high energy and engaging experience for your participants without breaking the bank or boring your participants
  • Technology recommendations and booster walk-throughs so that you don’t have to guess at the tech, and you can even delegate tech setup to a virtual assistant or team member (just tell our team if they need a login access after purchase, and we’ll make sure they can access the program training videos)
  • Transcription, audio-split, and full-scale search capability of the program, so you never have to wonder which lesson it was where we talked about… you can quickly look up a phrase we made reference to in the program and “jump” to the point in the program we discussed it.
  • App access to the program to allow learning on-the-go through the Kajabi app.
  • ​Clients-Only Facebook Group Access so that you can collaborate with like-minded CEO Coaches, ask our team questions 24x7, and of course celebrate your WINS!       

Module 1: Your Strategic Group Program Design

We’re going to start with the end in mind with your group program…

Instead of throwing spaghetti at the wall, hoping your program idea sticks; or spending weeks building a program, hoping that people will buy it, we’re going to get clear in the beginning about who the program serves, and what it accomplishes.

Not only that, we’re going to validate your program has a market, and is likely to be viable before we build a single landing page or write a single line of copy…

That’s right.

I’m going to share with you exactly how strategy consultants and marketing ninjas do their craft using FREE websites and easy to use tools to validate ideas before they do a ton of building, so that their ideas are more likely to be profitable and have maximum chance of success.

Module 2: Mapping A Brilliant Curriculum & Market Message

Now that we have your brilliant idea, and your rock-solid market research under your belt, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and build out more of your magic.

In this module, I’m going to dish on how we map our curriculums in minutes instead of months, and how we develop messaging that converts in a matter of a few hours of focused work.


Through the magic of our frameworks.

We have a very special, step-by-step process, that we go through that allows us to move with speed from idea, to validated idea, to offer, to curriculum, to market message - that allows us to condense what takes most coaches months or years down to a few hours.
And we’re going to walk you through it in Module 2!

Module 3: Ready, Set, LAUNCH!

What if I handed you a prescriptive, step-by-step, easy as 1-2-3 launch sequence that you could implement to test your new market message?

What if you could have this launch done inside of a week?

What if you had our team supporting you as you did this launch, and through the post-launch process as well, so you could carry your momentum forward?

That’s exactly what we’re going to do in Module 3.

But wait! Amanda! We haven’t built the program yet!

Yes, Coach, I know…

We’re going to build it once we’ve sold a spot (or 12!) using our Accelerated Program Build Process (which is a freaking gem on its own, and included in this program!)

Module 4: Your Top Priority: Your Client Experience

What makes group programs truly magical is the client experience. This is what differentiates a group coaching program from a simple course.

It’s also the first thing you’ll mobilize after your first sale, giving you time to get the rest of your curriculum built and mobilized using our Accelerated Program Build Process. ;)

With this program, you’re getting group coaching, a live experience where you can ask your questions live, get feedback real-time, work on mindset, discuss strategy, hear what your fellow coaches in the program are working on and working through…

And in this module, you’ll learn how to design experiences that are truly rewarding for your clients, and how to set them up in a way that doesn’t exhaust YOU as the coach!

There are premium elements, and surprises you can include along the way that will help your clients really engage deeply, which we’ll walk through in detail in this module.

Module 5: Building The Rest Of Your Program

What if you could build an entire group coaching program experience in just 2 working days including:
  • Preparing your program video content including slides and presentation materials
  • Filming your program videos
  • Editing the videos
  • ​Creating your client portal
  • ​Building your client resources and worksheets
  • ​Setting up your client support system
  • And feeling rested at the end of both work days!​
In this Module we’re going to show you how we use our Accelerated Program Build Process to do exactly that, to get your program finished and ready for delivery so you can get back to…

Marketing and selling it. ;)

This is the secret of coaches who are doing well; they spend more time talking to new people and making connections, and don’t have to worry about fulfilling on their programs because they have an amazing Group Coaching Program doing so much of the heavy lifting for them.

Module 6: Scaling Your Marketing Machine

Now that you have a strategically selected program, a marketing message that resonates, and a group program with an amazing client experience included…

It’s time to scale the number of people you impact!

In the final module of this project, we’re going to show you just how quickly you can grow your community, and grow your impact by adding traffic to your message.

We’ll show you how to use the power of paid advertising to turn your proven message into profits, AND how to take the guesswork out of whether you’re profitable with your advertising so that you’ll never feel random in hitting the big blue “BOOST” button again.

Instead of hoping for clients, we’ll show you how to put the right level of message in front of people to get them into the right level of conversation with you, so that you can talk about your group program with them.

Plus, the principles you’ll gain from this program will apply to your organic posting as well, so even if you decide to wait on starting your ads, you’ll be able to improve your results dramatically. ;)

Here's Why I'm Doing This For You…

Recently we did a survey in our community and we found that over 62% of the coaches who took the survey had a signature program…

But over 90% of them were dissatisfied with the progress their business had made. :(


When we dug deeper into the details, we discovered that most coaches had these programs, but they didn't have many clients enjoying these programs, and the clients weren’t raving about results.

So why am I doing this for you?

Because I’m tired of hearing about great coaches getting down on their coaching skills, when it’s not the skill that’s the problem...

It’s how the skill is getting packaged and presented to the market.

Some coaches know this, so they pine away in their home offices for months, sometimes YEARS toiling away trying to make it better, but it doesn’t help the situation...


I don’t want you to toil away in your office alone.

I don’t want you to over-build the watch and intimidate yourself out of getting going with serving people.

I don’t want you to go another DAY without building your dream coaching business, let alone waiting for months and months…

I am sincerely hoping that by making this so easy and such a no-brainer that you’ll take me up on this crazy opportunity, and just get in the game, take my hand, and let’s build a memorable, epic, and world-changing Evergreen Group Program.

I spent hours writing you this plea to PLEASE get in the game.

Please stop building this group program in the dark, and instead follow the path and process of someone who has done this before you...


Because people need GOOD coaches.

People need to have support as they navigate this incredibly challenging time…

And most coaches really struggle with just starting, and once they do, they realize how possible this is, and they keep going!

That’s what I want for you.

Our Action-Taker Guarantee

If you don’t do the right kind of work, I guarantee you that you will stay stuck.

I promise that your future failure in business is inevitable, and struggles are guaranteed as well.

This is not a get-rich-quick program.

This is a structured education program designed to show you how I shorten the amount of time it takes to test new market ideas to establish a new Evergreen Group Coaching Program.

It’s proven in our own business to generate upwards of $85,000 in a 30 day period, and this model is proven in other businesses to generate over $400,000 per month.

But it’s not proven in your business.

That part is up to you.

Which is why this program is non-refundable, and it’s for action-takers.

UNLESS… You do the work… you in good faith take the actions we lay out in the program, and you show it to us… if you do that, and our program doesn’t help you get your Evergreen Group Coaching Program into the daylight?

Simply tell us, and we’ll refund you.

We don’t deserve your money if the program doesn’t work. Hand on our heart, we believe that.

But at the same time, we believe you don’t deserve a refund if YOU don’t do the work.

Fair enough?

But if you are serious about your positive influence on people, and you know that you need a tiny nudge to get in the game…


This is perfect for high performance coaches, executive coaches, fitness coaches, health coaches, relationship coaches… if you have transformational skills as a coach, this project is a great idea.

Oh, and this is definitely not for bamboozlers, get-rich-quick-schemers, coaches without some kind of process behind what they do, or folks that are “curious”.

This Project is for action-taking CEO Coaches who know how to stop making excuses and know how to do the dang work.

Here’s What You Need To Do Next

It’s real easy, just click the button below and get started enrolling in the Project.

From there, you’ll get a confirmation email from our team, and we’ll be following up with you to start the onboarding process. :)

After that, watch your email from us, we’ll send you the Zoom link to the coaching calls, and a link to submit a question ahead if you can’t be there live, along with your login details to get started on Monday.

This Offer Is Disappearing Soon

We are starting Monday, and this offer is closing on Saturday as we get our ducks in a row to make this experience magical!

When the countdown timer on this page expires, that’s it, you can’t join, not late, not even if you beg me in email afterward.

It’s now, or watch another amazing opportunity to get the exact mentorship and coaching you need to enroll clients in an Evergreen Group Coaching Program consistently pass you by.

PLUS You’ll Be Getting These Very Special Bonuses Immediately When You Sign Up!

We want you to be up and running as soon as possible with your Evergreen Group Coaching Program, so when you sign up for The Evergreen Group Coaching Project you’ll also be getting…
  • An Exclusive Invite to Coffee With Kaufman: Micro-Outsourcing Secrets (VALUE $200)
You’re invited! Get an exclusive invite to an evening with Amanda where she’s dishing on how to get someone to take care of micro tasks for micro-investments using briefings and clear action requests… Exclusively for those who join The Evergreen Group Coaching Project!
  • The Coach’s Canva Crash Course (VALUE $50)
Get my popular mini course on how to use the advanced features of Canva so that you can create graphics for your group program, presentations, and promotional materials with little effort!
  • The Classy Masterclass Mastery Class (VALUE $500)
This course flew off the shelves when it was announced, and is one of our fan favorites! Fill your consult calendar with dozens of appointments using one of our favorite marketing tools, the masterclass! Get our templates, checklists, and gameplan for presentations that convert in this easy to follow mini course. Yours FREE when you join us, and unlocked immediately upon enrollment.

Just One Client Pays For This Whole Project

This project is all about taking your brilliant coaching skills and packaging them into an irresistible group coaching experience that your ideal clients will adore…

And we’ve priced it at a level that just one group coaching client could pay for your entire tuition in this project.

And this project is “do it once, and you have it foreva!” because you’re learning a repeatable process that’s going to serve you for years to come.


If you’ve gotten to this point of this letter, and you are still reading, and you still think this could be brilliant, just do it. :)

You won’t regret it.

To Recap, In The Evergreen Group Coaching Project You’re Getting…

  • 6-Module Video-Based Step-By-Step Training Program “The Evergreen Group Coaching Project” 
  • Our proven templates, scripts, and checklists
  • 8 Weeks LIVE Coaching and Q&A with Amanda
  • ​A Kick-Off & Orientation Session
  • ​A Private Launch-Review Session (scheduled mid-way through the program)
  • ​Our group coaching and Q&A call facilitation guide and presentation slides with tips
  • ​Technology recommendations and booster walk-throughs
  • ​Transcription, audio-split, and full-scale search capability
  • App access to the program
  • ​Clients-Only Facebook Group Access ​

Time Is Running Out

Be sure to sign up before the timer drops to zero. I don’t know if I’ll ever be doing this kind of thing again, and a lot of it depends on how many coaches get into massive action.

Thanks for reading my letter today, friend...

If you'd like to take advantage of this limited time offer, click the button below before it expires.

To Your Success,

Amanda Kaufman
P.S. If, like me, you have a tendency to skip straight to the bottom of a letter like this to find out what it's all about...

I’m inviting you to join a new group on Monday that is building their Evergreen Group Coaching Project to turn their coaching skills into an irresistible group coaching program to attract 5-20 ideal clients per month on a rolling enrollment basis.

We’ve successfully done this in our own business to the tune of over $85,000 per month in a single program (that’s just for one program’s tuition), and we’ve done this multiple times.

We want to show you how to take a group program idea, test it, then build it out in a manner that allows you to serve at a premium level that your clients will rave about, and allow you to charge at premium levels.

We also want to show you how to fill that program consistently, without having to do massive launches or wait months until you can enroll people again.

Let me give you a quick recap of what you're getting:
  • 6-Module Video-Based Step-By-Step Training Program “The Evergreen Group Coaching Project”
  • Our proven templates, scripts, and checklists
  • ​8 Weeks LIVE Coaching and Q&A with Amanda
  • ​A Kick-Off & Orientation Session
  • ​A Private Launch-Review Session (scheduled mid-way through the program) 
  • Our group coaching and Q&A call facilitation guide and presentation slides with tips
  • Technology recommendations and booster walk-throughs 
  • ​Transcription, audio-split, and full-scale search capability
  • ​App access to the program
  • ​Clients-Only Facebook Group Access
You get all of this for only $1,997.

PLUS When you join today, I’m throwing in 3 amazing bonuses.

You’re getting:
  • An invitation to Coffee with Kaufman: Micro-Outsourcing Secrets on Monday Night at 6:30 PM Central so that you can find out how to delegate graphic design and techie tasks
  • The Coach’s Canva Crash Course, my mini course on how to use the advanced features of Canva so that you can create graphics for your group program, presentations, and promotional materials with little effort!
  • The Classy Masterclass Mastery Class, my course on how to use masterclasses to fill your consult calendar using live masterclass presentations so that you have another of my favorite tools for creating magic in your community while at the same time keeping your programs profitable.
This is a really exciting opportunity for serious action-taking coaches, and it’s backed by our Action-Taker Guarantee (read above for more on that!)

And it’s expiring when the timer on this page drops to zero.

Do it to get in the game with your coaching today!
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