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How To Make $10k/Month As A Coach—BARE MINIMUM
Consistently & Profitably… While Having FUN!
Even If You’re Starting From Zero.
NOT REQUIRED: Facebook Ads, Websites, Huge Social Followings, Loads of Free Time, or “How to Make Money” Offers.

There’s A Dirty Little Secret In Our Industry, Coach. And We Need To Talk About It.

Here’s the truth...

MOST coaches have invested more money in their business than they’ve generated in revenue from clients.

Which means they aren’t just NOT profitable… They’re actually LOSING money.

And look, it’s understandable why.

This industry has NO shortage of things to spend your money on.

(Plus, if I’m being REALLY honest… There’s no shortage of people who will happily TAKE money from you without GUARANTEEING that you’ll make it back.)

Between certification programs, marketing courses, software, and websites…

Hiring coaches, hiring freelance designers, strategists, & virtual assistants…

Office supplies, traveling to events, and even throwing some money at Zuckerberg hoping that ads would quickly and easily bring an avalanche of leads to your front door…

… the expenses can really add up.

I surveyed my audience and discovered that the AVERAGE coach has already invested $20,000 into their business—without yet making a profit.

SEVERAL coaches have already invested 6 FIGURES!

And yet, the number one single biggest problem they identified is STILL…

(AKA making money.)

How could this be? What is our industry doing wrong here?

I’ve spent some serious time and energy digging into the root of the problem, and I came up with three main things.

(SPOILER ALERT: It’s NOT your fault. And there IS a solution. Keep reading…)
PROBLEM 1: Investing in Things That Won’t
Make You Money
This problem actually falls into two buckets.

The first bucket is allllllllll the stuff we think we need to make money as a coach, that we don’t actually need.

A website. A beautifully designed online presence. A professional wardrobe. A support team.

(Even certifications are not REQUIRED to make money as a coach. This is an unregulated industry. It is perfectly legal to help people and make money without being certified...

… ALSO, no judgment if you have one. I have two myself.)

We think we need these things because we look at the 8-figure earners in our industry and THEY have all these things.

Tony Robbins taught us that “success leaves clues.” And that if we want to accomplish something that’s already been done, then we have to DO what they’re doing.

Which brings me to the second bucket.

The 8-figure/year coaches out there are HAPPY to teach you what they’re doing.

You can buy $2,000 course after $2,000 course after $2,000 course learning from them.

The problem is they’re teaching you what they’re doing NOW.
(As an 8-figure earner.)

NOT what they did at the beginning to get off the ground.

And they’re pitching this as a value-add. Saying that it will save you time and money and headaches.

But it does exactly the opposite. Because when YOU try to implement the things they’re doing now… they DON’T work for YOU.

You don’t need an 8-figure strategy right now.
You don’t have the team, infrastructure, experience, or capital to make it work.

You need a “Get Consistent $10k Months PROFITABLY So You Can Quit Your Job & Go Full Time” strategy.
PROBLEM 2: Investing in People Who Don’t Care If You Make Money
Here are some numbers for you…

When the big guys in the industry charge you $2,000 for a course, it’s a drop in the bucket to them. (Meaning: YOU are a drop in the bucket to them.)

To make $20 million a year, they need TEN THOUSAND “clients” investing $2k each to work with them.

The level of support you get from your $2k investment usually sounds like…

“I’m giving you all the information you need in the video lessons, and if you can’t figure out how to implement, that’s on you. You must not want it hard enough. Because—oh look—we have some success stories. So the problem isn’t us. It’s you.”


What they DON’T tell you is that those success stories only represent around 1% of the students who paid good money to go through their program. The rest are still struggling.

Look. If I had treated clients like that in my corporate consultant job, not ONLY would I not have had any clients… I would have been FIRED!

And rightfully so!

Starting and growing a coaching business profitably is an incredible feat. And when you spend money on support, you need it to be with people who take your investment as seriously as you do.

PROBLEM 3: Spinning in Confusion With Seriously Conflicting Advice On HOW To Make Money
Constantly hearing from the industry that there’s a RIGHT way to set up your business that will have you earning millions in no time…

… and there’s a WRONG way to do things that will turn you into a loser who lives under a bridge, has you PARALYZED in fear.

And our lizard brain only knows 4 ways to respond to this fear.

You’ve heard of fight, flight, and freeze. But the 4th fear response is something I actually learned from a client. It’s called FLOCK.

When our family thinks we’re nuts for giving up a career and wanting to be a coach…
When we’ve already invested money and haven’t made it back…
When our status is on the line because we don’t want to look like a failure in business…

We are SCARED. And we FLOCK.

We flock to dozens of different Facebook groups. We flock to communities of other coaches. We flock toward coaches who are teaching coaches how to be coaches.

We listen to ALLLLLLLL the different advice out there on how to be a coach.
How to make money as a coach.
How to be a business owner.
How to be a digital marketer.
The list goes on and on and on.

And the more we flock, the deeper we reinforce our overwhelm and confusion.

And the more we reinforce our overwhelm and confusion, the more we’re stuck spinning.

How I know this is that the average coach who gets on the phone with me spends 10–20 hours a week trying to implement ALL the different advice out there about how to grow their business…

… with little to NO results from it.

YET, they still haven’t figured out how to get clients consistently.
They still aren’t making a profit.
They certainly aren’t making enough money to quit their job.

They are STUCK.

Listen. I Have Been There. When I Started My Coaching Business, I Spent Over $300,000.00 Trying To Figure Out How To Do It The “Right Way”

In case we haven’t met,
my name is Amanda Kaufman. (Hey there!)
And when I became a coach, not ONLY did I invest in MULTIPLE certifications. But I ALSO bought marketing & sales program, after marketing & sales program, after marketing & sales program.

(I would have done just about ANYTHING to get out of my corporate job that took me away from my family & home for 46 weeks out of every year…

Required sacrificing my health and sanity…

Feeling like I wasn’t really “living” at all…

… with ZERO freedom & flexibility around how I spent my time, who I worked with, & what projects I took on.)

Everybody seemed to have their “magic formula” that was supposed to be SO EASY to just “plug and play” into my business.

And yet, none of them seemed to have THE ANSWER to why I wasn’t making ENOUGH money to keep up with all these expensive things people said I “needed.”

(Ads, funnels, webinars, email managers, a VA, freelance designers, & copywriters, too.)

Finally, one day, I sat down and read all the stuffy, boring business books I could get my hands on.

I discovered that while there were dozens of gurus and teachers out there willing to charge me good money for their “7-step plan”...

… where they told me that I could just “swipe” their templates, plug and play it into my business, and I should be making money hand over fist...

… the thing I ACTUALLY needed was a strategic way to look at my coaching craft as a legit business.

I needed a FOUNDATION.
  • I needed to understand profitability.
  • ​I needed to understand high-level timeless strategies to get clients.
    Not individual “what’s hot now” tactics.
    (That won’t be “hot” as soon as TOMORROW.)
  • ​I needed to understand how to develop myself as a CEO.
    To see my business as a testing ground.
    And learn to make decisions, execute, receive feedback, adjust, and test again.
When I started to make this shift, not ONLY was I able to dig my family out of the $300,000 hole I created…

… but we’ve been profitable EVER since.

Even during the height of the pandemic.
Even after hiring a team.
Even when we’ve made pivots and taken risks.

Here’s why profitability has meant EVERYTHING to me and my family:

Profitability is what allowed me to leave my corporate life for good.
Return home to my family, instead of always being on the road.
Become a breadwinning mama who never worries about money.
Pay myself MORE money than my job would have ever paid me.
(And, Coach… The boss at my job paid me a pretty penny.)

PLUS, I get to do work that LIGHTS ME UP! And actually makes a difference.

Yes, I’m a 7-figure coach.
(And damn proud of it!)

But what’s more important than that is I’m a coach who loves her business AND her life!

Think about it like this…

What Most Gurus Will Give You:
Printed Paper Map Directions With A Destination Of Revenue

Those “Just Do The 7 Steps I Did And You’ll Make Money Too” programs are as effective as static printed paper directions.

They can get you where you want to go IF everything along your journey goes perfectly.


The first time you run into a roadblock, the step-by-step plan doesn’t adjust and give you a detour.

When you realize that your target audience isn’t on LinkedIn. They’re actually on Clubhouse…

The step-by-step plan doesn’t show you how to adjust.

Or when you simply decide you want to take a different route, you’re completely out of luck.

There’s only one way to get there.

And even when you get “there,” there’s no guarantee you’ll have enough money left over to quit your job AND keep feeding your family.

Because the destination was set to REVENUE at all costs, instead of profitability first.

I do things differently...

vs. What I’m Gonna Give You:
A State-Of-The-Art GPS Navigation System
With A Destination of Profitability
What if, instead, you had a dynamic navigation system?

That gave you the RESILIENCE and FLEXIBILITY to simply swerve around obstacles and traffic jams.

That allowed you to set a path that works for you based on how YOU want to experience the journey.

(The scenic route. The no-tolls route. The fastest path route.)

That was solely focused on getting you not JUST successful, but PROFITABLE.

So you can actually quit your corporate job.
So you can actually feel CONFIDENT as a legit CEO of your legit business.
So you can actually feel SECURE knowing that you’ll always be able to pay your bills.

No matter how many roadblocks or obstacles you may face.

And what if I told you that you could reach your destination of a profitable coaching business…

With your flexible navigation system that won’t leave you stuck and stranded in the middle of nowhere…

… In just 5 focused hours a week?

That is what my LEAP program is all about! (More on that in a moment…)

Listen. I’m about to give you a foundational framework that will grow your business and make you money no matter WHAT platform you use.

No matter WHAT stage of business you’re in.

No matter WHO you serve, where they hang out, or how you help them.

Set “PROFIT” in your GPS and my framework will take you there. No matter what!

Before I Tell You All About My
LEAP (Let’s.Earn.A.Profit.) Program,

Let’s Make Sure It WILL Work For YOU...

It’s very simple, Coach.

If you’re not yet currently making $10k–$20k per month in your business CONSISTENTLY…

AND earning a profit…

This program is for you.

If you want to make an impact in the lives of your clients, but you’re having a tough time knowing where your next 5, 10, or 20 clients will come from…

This program is for you.

Even if you’re still working a full-time corporate job.
Even if you’re a busy mama.
Even if you’re not actually certified as a coach.
Even if you’ve NEVER run a business before.

This system WILL work for you.

If you’re resentful of your job because it pays you too much money to quit AND ALSO resentful of your coaching business dream because it’s not YET paying you enough to quit your job…

FRIEND, I literally created this program for YOU!

Clients are EVERYWHERE! The life & business coaching industry is BOOMING!

You just need a proven system to attract them to you consistently.

And THAT’S what I’m about to give you.

By The End of This Program, You Will Have…

  • Developed ROCK-SOLID confidence with meeting new people and saying you’re a coach. With making decisions like a CEO. With inviting people into your PAID programs. And with charging a rate that has you PROFITABLE!
  • Crafted, positioned, and vetted an IRRESISTIBLE offer that your dream clients would HAPPILY pay for.
  • Found YOUR perfect people and built a community of raving fans. (WITHOUT spending a dime on Facebook ads or hours a day commenting on people’s Instagram stories & DM’ing random strangers.)
  • Landed your first (or next) client as a BARE MINIMUM in just 6 weeks! PLUS, you will have built a repeatable system to do it again. And again. And again. Like it’s no big deal.
  • Practiced & mastered the 5 Power Habits that WILL make you a 6-figure coach.
Introducing: LEAP (Let’s.Earn.A.Profit.)
A 6-Week Hybrid Teaching, Coaching, & Implementation Program
Where You’ll Discover How To Earn $10k–$20k/Month —
Consistently, Profitably, & Without Investing In
Facebook Ads Or Staff
… in just 5 hours a week!

This isn’t just some random promise.

I literally went through the entire program and timed how long it would take someone to watch every video and implement every action step I recommend.

I removed ANYTHING from the program that could be considered “fluff.” That doesn’t directly move you forward toward your goal of $10k–$20k months in your coaching business.

What’s left is guaranteed to help you lay the foundation of a LEGIT business where you earn enough PROFIT to quit your job, feed your family, and spend your time serving those you care about.

You see, the truth about coaching is that you DO NOT need beautifully designed graphics to make your first 6 figures.

You don’t need some crazy technical funnel that takes a year to build, tweak, adjust, relaunch, retest, tweak, adjust, and relaunch again before it FINALLY starts working for you.

You don’t need to spend a single cent on Facebook ads.

And you don’t have to quit your job. (Though you totally can when you feel ready and want to!)

I made my first $350,000.00 as a LIFE coach (not a business coach) WITHOUT a niche, without a course, and without a big “I’m going to change your life” promise.

This is why my company’s motto is: DO WHAT MATTERS.

In the 6 weeks you spend with us, you’re ONLY going to do what matters.

The things that actually make you money.
The things that actually get you clients.
The things that actually build the foundation of a profitable business.

Saving you hours and hours and hours of time that you would have spent building a “pretty” business with a very “unpretty” income statement.

Instead, get ready to spend just 5 hours a week on the stuff that ACTUALLY gets you at least 5 clients a month.

When You Spend 5 Hours A Week For The Next 6 Weeks
Focused On Building These 6 Pillars In Your Business,
Coaching Business. Period.
That is the promise of our world-class curriculum, which you get LIFETIME access to when you join the next cohort, starting Monday, May 08, 2022.

Here’s a breakdown of the 6 pillars that will get you to $10k–$20k months. (Consistently. Profitably. And while having A LOT of fun!)
Pillar #1: Your Business Success Declarations
In week 1 of our 6 weeks together, you will lay the groundwork for success inside of this program.

And by the end of the first week, you will have made powerful decisions—as the CEO of your business—that will guarantee that you hit your revenue AND profit goals.

  • Identify where you are now and set your business’s GPS system for where you want to be. (Destination: PROFITS, baby! In a customized-to-you way so that you’ll ENJOY the ride.)
  • Discover why you (and your business) are stuck and what shift you have to make to ACTUALLY create the results you’ve been busting your butt for.
  • The TRUTH about how to make your first $10k month, and why you need to disregard alllllllll the other marketing gurus to actually start making a PROFIT.
  • ​How to make this program work for you NO MATTER HOW busy you are. (Got kids? And a spouse? And a full-time job? And your health to look after? Yup! That’s how I started out too.)
  • ​The 5 Power Habits that will radically change your outcomes. (These habits made me my first $114,000.00 as a coach in just 3 months.)

Pillar #2: Mapping Your Business’s Growth Journey

Week 2 is all about pouring the concrete foundation that we’re going to build your 6-figure business on top of.

In just a few hours, you will have a focused plan on where you’re going to find YOUR perfect people, what you could offer them, and how you’ll inspire them to WANT to say “YES” to paying you.

This foundation will work NO MATTER WHAT marketing strategy you decide to implement now (or later) in your business. (And, this is the thing that will make all of the other marketing programs you’ve invested in ACTUALLY work!)

  • How to stop overwhelm before it even begins. So you can STOP spinning in circles and start gaining SERIOUS traction instead.
  • Identify what valuable offer YOU can deliver and get paid for TODAY… without spending another dime on skill-building trainings or certification programs.
  • How Costco might be the answer to unlocking a MASSIVE audience of people who can AFFORD your new program. (No, I’m not suggesting you start pitching rando’s inside of Costco.)
  • ​The foundation of your BEST first offer & first marketing strategy as a. coach to make consistent & profitable $10k months. (No guesswork. No overwhelm. No throwing spaghetti at a wall. We’re going to make this VERY simple.) 
  • ​The single SIMPLEST “Launch” Plan to get you making consistent money as QUICKLY as possible without giving up weekends or sleep to make it happen.

Pillar #3: The Art & Science of Irresistible Offer Creation

In week 3, I’m going to make MAKING MONEY e-x-t-r-e-m-e-l-y simple and easy for you, Coach.

This is where your business “house” quickly goes from a slab of concrete to actual walls. A floor plan. A layout.

You can see how it’s all coming together.

After these lessons and exercises, you’ll see exactly how you’re going to start making money.

In just 5 hours, you’ll be saying… “That’s so EASY! I can DEFINITELY do that!”

  • The structure of a SIMPLE offer that sells AND gets your clients transformative results. (So you can shine like the hero you truly are, Coach!)
  • Why you DO NOT have to promise the moon in order to start making serious money as a coach... (In fact, I highly recommend that you don’t if you want to be PROFITABLE!)
  • The one question you need to ask yourself to determine what you can ETHICALLY promise your clients.
  • Offers your clients are DYING to buy that DON’T require building out a course, website, pre-recorded trainings, worksheets, or ANYTHING else.
  • The CBS® Sales System: How to have an authentic conversation that results in an ENTHUSIASTIC “YES!” from your new client. WITHOUT being sleazy, manipulative, or gross.

Pillar #4: Ideal Client Attraction & Conversion

You know that part of building a house where it seems like it went from a bunch of wood & nails to an ACTUAL house… overnight!?

That’s where we are now, Coach.

We’re in week 4 and you’re going to land your first client. You’ve built the foundation quickly and simply. You’re solid. You’re confident.

You’re ready to get PAID.

I’m going to show you how. With a REPEATABLE system that works again. And again. And again.

  • My 6-Figure Coach Calculator that will show you exactly what you need to do to make the exact amount of money you want to make. (Can I get a woot woot!?)
  • The MTFC System and why it’s the ONLY marketing strategy you’ll ever need. (Lean into this ONE LESSON and you’ll unlock the FULL value of ALL the other marketing programs you’ve invested in without a return!)
  • Why you can officially STOP wasting time trying to “find” leads. And what you’re going to do instead.
  • ​There is NO lack of clients. If you’re not making the money you want to as a coach, it’s only ever a lack of… THIS!
  • The ONE word you need to remember to have prospects WANTING to work with you. (HINT: You don’t need to be outgoing, funny, loud, or entertaining to draw people in. You just have to do this.)

Pillar #5: Program Optimization

Week 5 is where you’ll build ANOTHER crucial component of your business that every other training you’ve invested in completely skips.

You built your business “house.” (You have an offer. You have a client. You have income.)

Now, I want you to be PROFITABLE, Coach.

That means more sales coming in through the front door, AND a delivery system that you can execute without running out of time or going broke!

  • The most expensive mistake you could ever make in your business and how to avoid it—now and ALWAYS! (It’s even more expensive than hiring a team to run Facebook ads for you.)
  • How to have your clients LOVING their decision to work with you. (Avoiding bad press, refund requests, and headaches overall.)
  • The 5x5 Method that allowed me to charge $30,000 a pop as a brand-new LIFE coach—NOT a business coach.
  • My very best tools & time-saving tips if you CHOOSE to create a course as a supplement to your coaching (not required, but available to you as you level up).
  • How to make it EASY for the client (AND YOU) to work together… for maximum time off, profit, and restful sleep!

AND, Last…
Pillar #6: Scaling Marketing & Delivery Systems

In week 6, we’re going WAY BEYOND your first client. This is where you’ll learn how to achieve that Oh So Elusive CONSISTENT revenue.

This is where you’ll create a coaching business that gets 5 new clients every month on repeat.

That earns $10k–$20k each month like it’s no big deal.

That will allow you to quit your job AND still feed your family. (Plus, fund a wild vacation or two!)

  • How to avoid the VERY typical “dip” in sales that happens after initial success. (Not you, Coach. Because you have LEAP.)
  • One key ingredient to help you stand out above ALL of your competition—even when you’re all selling the same thing.
  • How to build on the foundation you built in this program to reach $20k months and BEYOND! (Hint: THIS is when it makes sense to start investing in Facebook ads. I’ll show you how to do it profitably with zero headaches!)
  • Avoiding burnout so your coaching business lasts for years and years to come.
  • How MY business profitability TAKES OFF every time I go back to S.I.M.P.L.E. (And how yours can too.)
And this doesn’t JUST work for me.

The coaches in my LEAP Program who have used these 6 foundational pillars to build their business have achieved INCREDIBLE results!

Just check out a few of our many success stories...


LeAnne’s story is like SO many other coaches I’ve helped over the years.

When she joined LEAP, she was fresh off the heels of a ONE-YEAR $15,000.00 “How to Build a Coaching Business” program, and she STILL wasn’t making a profit in her business.

Instead, she was OVERWHELMED with ideas, strategies, rules, and guidelines for what she SHOULD be doing.

After just 6 weeks inside of LEAP, though…

LeAnne launched a NEW offer that she was really excited about. And she TRIPLED her income in just ONE month!


I love this story, y’all.

When the pandemic began, Allison was laid off from her job.

And instead of searching for a different job, she decided to lean into the EXACT process that I teach inside of LEAP.

She went to WORK. And Allison generated $100,000.00 in less than 4 MONTHS!

She made so much money that when her old boss called to say, “We’re ready to have you come back to work now.”

She enthusiastically said, “No thanks!”

A year later, Allison achieved $250,000.00 in revenue!

And today, she has a thriving business generating $80,000.00 of revenue per month regularly! (With a whole staff to support her!)


When Karen and I met, she told me she didn’t have the confidence to talk to people.

And that she had NO IDEA what to offer, what to charge, or how to make her desire to coach into a real business.

We worked on that confidence piece FIRST!

And that newfound confidence allowed Karen to feel GREAT talking about her business to a random stranger in a parking lot.

(We had worked on HOW Karen could talk about her business in social settings too!)

That one conversation led to a speaking engagement and consult calls.

Which led to 25 private clients, a PAID waitlist, and 3 SOLD-OUT group programs.

That means MULTIPLE 6 figures in sales—without a website, social media, an email list, webinars, or funnels.

You see, the 6 pillars inside of LEAP have the power to change your business and life FOREVER, just like they did for Maylen, LeAnne, Karen, and hundreds of other students before you.

But that’s not ALL that you get when you join. We do things differently around here!

How LEAP is Different Than Any Other
“Make Money As A Coach”
Program Out There Today

This isn’t some DIY course where we overwhelm you with videos & worksheets...

… and then feed you to the “wolves” of an overcrowded Facebook group where there’s no real support. With no way to ACTUALLY get your questions answered.

(Nope. Not here!)

Instead, this is a HYBRID teaching, coaching, & implementation program where you will be FULLY supported throughout your entire journey.

You won’t JUST know how to create irresistible offers.
You won’t JUST know how to attract clients to you.
You won’t JUST know how to sell consciously with a natural conversation.
You won’t JUST know how to make a profit.

You’ll also have all the tools and support you need to leap OUT of the fear, confusion, and overwhelm that holds you back from doing what you need to do.

You’ll have the coaching help you need to feel confident, clear, and decisive.

You’ll have the foundational skill set needed to make ANY coaching business a profitable success.

So you’ll actually BECOME not only a world-class coach, but a CEO.

This Is What Was Missing From Every Other
Marketing & Sales Program You’ve Joined.

And when you have this, you’ll FINALLY be able to unlock the value of allllllll those other investments you’ve made.

You see, LEAP won’t compete with what everyone else told you.
LEAP will make what everyone else told you finally make sense.

So that you don’t JUST make your money back for THIS investment. But for EVERY investment you’ve made in your coaching business that didn’t pan out for you.

Yes, Coach! I’m talking about actual PROFITS!

(And if you HAVEN’T invested in other programs before LEAP… No. Problem. That means you are just one step closer to profitability, Coach!)

To help make sure you get there, I’m INCLUDING these 3 incredible ways for you to get ALL the support you need.

(Remember, this is NOT some DIY course that leaves you to figure out how to implement everything on your own. Not on my watch!)

INCLUDED when you join LEAP is over $5,500.00 worth of coaching to lean on AS MUCH as you need it. 

COACHING SUPPORT #1: 6 8 Weekly Group Coaching Calls (VALUE: $2,000)

Welcome to “The Action Room”! Where my team will coach you on anything and EVERYTHING that’s holding you back from taking action so that you don’t lose momentum or get stuck. Ever.

You will have the chance to submit hot seat questions whether you’re available to show up live or not.

AND you’ll automatically have access to the recordings of ALL previous coaching calls where you can SEARCH for any topic and my super fancy software system will show you WHICH video discussed that topic and take you to the exact MOMENT in that video, too


COACHING SUPPORT #2: 2 POWERFUL Coaching Sessions with Chris (my husband and the CFO of our business. VALUE: $1,000)

One small group session at the very beginning to kick-start your LEAP journey on the right foot. Allowing you to show up powerfully each week and get the absolute MOST out of your investment! (Just you and 2 fellow coaches learning alongside you in the LEAP program.)

And one PRIVATE session to lay out EXACTLY what to do after you complete the LEAP program to keep building (& making money in) your legit coaching business.

COACHING SUPPORT #3: 1 PRIVATE Coaching Session with ME—Amanda (VALUE: $1,000)

Not to toot my own horn, but LEAP students FREAK (in the very best way) whenever we have these sessions.

This coaching call is all about making sure you have THE single most transformative, irresistible, powerful, “they won’t be able to say no” coaching offer.

And it will give you the confidence you need to go out there and SELL it.

COACHING SUPPORT #4: 6 8-Week Access Client-Only Facebook Group Community (VALUE: $500)

This is NOT a blind-leading-the-blind situation.

I’ve hired a dream team of coaches to provide UNLIMITED support to you inside this group so you’ll NEVER feel alone.

Got a question in between your group sessions & private sessions?
Bring it to the group 24/7!

COACHING SUPPORT #5: Mindset Monday Classes Every Monday (VALUE: $1,000)

You’re about to have Energizer Bunny–level stamina, Coach!

Because every SINGLE Monday, we’re going to get you unblocked and ready to crush it in your week ahead with our Mindset classes.

Productivity, motivation, and LASTING energy is coming your way. (Woot woot!)

That’s an extra $5,500 worth of coaching support… yours FREE!

To be clear, I pay my coaching team to show up for you 100%. But because these coaching sessions are INCLUDED inside of LEAP, you won’t pay an extra dime for any of these sessions.

Now at this point, you might be wondering…

“So, what IS my investment to join LEAP?”

First, I need to explain one thing…

Why You Won’t See A BUY Button On This Page — (More Proof That We Do Things Different Around Here)

It’s true. You’re going to make your money back from joining this program when you land your FIRST client.

In fact, I GUARANTEE it. (More on that in a bit.)

But what I need you to understand now is that I don’t allow ANYONE to simply click a buy button, enter in their credit card information, and join this program like *snaps fingers* that.

Instead, the only button on this page is one to book a call with me and my team.

Before you ever invest with us, I want to spend the time to get to know you and your dream business.

I want to provide value to you ahead of time by straight up telling you if you’re nuts or if you have a solid idea that I KNOW will sell.

I want to look you in the eye and promise you that the LEAP program IS going to give you what you need to reach your goal.

(Or honestly tell you that it isn’t so you don’t waste your time.)

And I want to make sure ALL of that happens BEFORE you spend one cent.

So that you can feel safe knowing that this investment is different than the others you’ve made.

So you can feel confident knowing that you WILL at the very least make your money back
It costs me time and money to do it this way. To get on the phone with you before allowing you to invest.

But I believe it’s the right thing to do.

Honestly, I believe that I’m standing against
lazy leaders in my industry.

Lazy leaders who will make you promises, take your money, and then put ALL the responsibility on you.

Telling you that you “must just not want it hard enough” if you couldn’t make money in their course.

NOT here. NOT with me. I KNOW how hard you want this.

And I KNOW that you need world-class support to get you over the hurdles in front of you to your first 6 figures.

The other thing I’m sure you’ve seen in this industry is that...

Other “leaders” typically won’t get on the phone with a potential client unless they’re charging $5k, $10k, even $15k or above.

Anything less is honestly considered chump change.

Not to me. And not to you.

I’ll tell you right now, the investment in this program is a VERY reasonable $2,000.

Which is INSANELY affordable when you consider it includes…

  • LIFETIME access to a curriculum that WILL get you to $10k months as a bare minimum—in just 5 hours a week, while having FUN!
  • All the coaching support you could need for the duration of the program AND an additional 2 weeks
  • THREE added PRIVATE coaching sessions that would normally cost $1,500 alone.
  • ​AND the chance to get actual face time with the creator of the program to make sure this is the right investment for you BEFORE you ever spend a dime.
I don’t take your $2,000 investment lightly. I take it just as seriously as you do.

Which is why NOT ONLY will you get a call with me before you join, but I’m also GUARANTEEING that you’ll make your money back… FAST!

How I Can Promise That You WILL Make Your Money Back Inside This Program

Here’s the deal.

If you don’t make your $2,000 investment back by the end of the program, I will reinvest in you!

In fact, I will purchase an EXTENSION on your coaching support.

What does that mean?

Not only will you get an extra coaching call where you and your coach will design a proactive PLAN to get you your money back.

But you’ll also get an additional 8 WEEKS of coaching support as you implement that plan.

So that you DO make your $2k back.

This level of service & commitment to your success is just one of the reasons why I have the lowest refund rate in town.

In fact, in over 4 years (and 200 clients), only 2 people have ever asked for their money back.

And they were both due to personal circumstances. NOT because of their dissatisfaction in the program.

So you can join confidently, knowing that you and your investment are safe.

Ready to take me up on my GUARANTEED offer? Click below to book your call.

The Next Cohort Starts On Monday, May 08, 2022.
And We Only Have Room For 8 Coaches.

It’s HIGHLY LIKELY that by the time you found this page and read all the way down here…

Multiple seats have already been filled.

I know there’s at least one left because my team will shut the page down for enrollment into the current cohort once we’re full.

But if you wait for that to happen, then you’ll miss out on your chance to build a legit coaching business that CAN make you $10k/month PROFITABLY…

… in just 6 weeks and 1 hour per weekday inside of LEAP.


Once you have clients coming to you consistently and you’re making a profit month after month…

You’ll FINALLY get to do the stuff that inspired you to start this business in the first place.
  • Helping others
  • Changing lives
  • Seeing dreams come true
  • ​Seeing dreams come true
  • ​Quitting your job
  • ​Enjoying the FREEDOM to live how you want to
  • ​Changing your small corner of the world in your special way
But why would you make GETTING to that goal take any longer than it has to?

When you can be consistently changing lives and making money doing it in just 6 WEEKS!

So let’s go, Coach! Let’s do this now!

It starts with booking your call pronto so that you can be sure LEAP is right for you.

And you gotta do that BEFORE this cohort of the program fills up and you’ve missed your chance.

So, Quick Recap

  • You now KNOW that LEAP is the perfect program for you if you’re a coach who’s not yet making $10k–$20k/month consistently, profitably, and while having a lot of fun in your business.
Even if you still have a full-time job.
Even if you’re not certified as a coach.
Even if you’ve never built a business before.
Even if you don’t feel confident “selling” to people yet.
Even if you’re shy, introverted, and start to sweat whenever real live humans are around
  • You also know that LEAP is different from any other course, training, or marketing program you’ve taken in the past.
Because we’re going to get you PROFITABLE.
Because you’re going to have all the support you need.
Because I’m going to help you become a CEO, not just a coach.
Because you’re going to build your business in a way that works for YOU.
Because you’re only going to Do What Matters.

Which will let you hit $10k months BARE MINIMUM—in just 5 hours a week.
  • You also know that the foundational business principles you’re going to learn won’t COMPETE with your previous investments.
But instead, they’ll UNLOCK the full value of those investments.

They make everything you’ve already learned ACTUALLY start working for you.

Because when you have the FOUNDATION underneath all of those strategies you’ve been taught…

(AKA the thing that ACTUALLY makes them work for the teacher, but not so much for 85% of the students…)

Then, they’ll start to make YOU money too.

So you can use what you learn in LEAP to finally build a PROFITABLE business.
AND amplify your results by applying other programs you’ve invested in on top of your new foundation.

  • And you know that I take your investment as seriously as you do.
By looking you in the eye and answering your questions BEFORE you join.

And by GUARANTEEING that you’re going to make your money back.

Which means you also know that the NEXT STEP for you to take is to book your call now.

I Personally Cannot WAIT to Guide You
Over These Next 6 Weeks…

Ending the cycle of buying marketing course after marketing course after marketing course…

That left me $300,000.00 in debt and NO closer to quitting my job so I could coach full time…

(AND have the freedom & lifestyle I desperately wanted...)

And instead, building the 6 foundational pillars that all coaching businesses need to earn 6 figures profitably... CHANGED MY LIFE.

It’s not just that I’ve been able to quit my corporate job (that was destroying my health and taking me away from my family for 46 weeks out of every year.)

Having this foundation as the base of my coaching business is what’s allowed me to stay profitable and keep doing what I love…

Even during the height of the pandemic.
Even after hiring a team.
Even when we’ve made pivots and taken risks.

More than anything else, I’m grateful that my business is actually leaving a legacy. That the impact of what I do is tangible and obvious and HELPS people.

I want to give that to you too, Coach.

If you think there are too many coaches in the world and not enough clients, you are DEAD WRONG!

The coaching industry is BOOMING.
(In fact, it’s one of the fastest growing industries in the world!)

People need coaches more than ever.
And it’s more acceptable for the average Joe to HIRE a coach more than ever.


People need help.
They need help with their health.
They need help in their marriages.
They need help parenting their children.
They need help managing their time.
They need help feeling confident.
They need YOUR help.

If you’re ready to become the CEO of a solid 6-figure profitable coaching business, you owe it to yourself to at least take a risk-free plunge and give it a try. Should you choose to accept my invitation, I know these next 6 weeks will create ease and security in the way that you enroll clients into your business, AND transform YOUR life—like it did for mine.

I am PUMPED to meet you inside of LEAP!


P.S. Want to hear directly from coaches just like you who said “YES!” to joining LEAP?

Check this out…

“Best business decision I’ve made so far!”
“LEAP gave me the system AND confidence I needed to move forward.”
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